What we do

We help to enhance professionals’ knowledge and self-efficacy to screen, treat, and make appropriate referrals for people with a substance use disorder through:

Who we train and mentor

  • Healthcare providers
  • Behavioral health providers
  • Public safety professionals
  • Addictions researchers and scientists

What is telementoring for substance use disorder?

Telementoring involves leveraging web technologies to coach and train others in best practices, with the intent of building individual and workforce capacity. Telementoring eradicates the limitations of physical and geographic proximity between mentors and mentees.  At C-STAT, we utilize the Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) model as our primary mode of telementoring.

The benefits of training and telementoring at C-STAT

Employing the training and technical services of C-STAT can result in a host of benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Engaging with top experts in the substance use disorder field
  • Building capacity at your organization to implement evidence-based practices
  • Staying up to date on emerging behavioral health research
  • Building a network of like-minded colleagues with which to consult
  • Obtaining technical assistance with your toughest implementation challenges to improve your substance use services
  • And more!

The work of C-STAT would not be possible without the partnership of the Center for Research to Advance Community Health (ReACH) & the ECHO Institute.

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