Recovery Support Services (RSS) ECHO

Program Description

The focus of this ECHO is to expand the skills, abilities and knowledge base of Recovery Support Services (RSS) professionals using the latest identified best practices both nationally and locally. The primary issues to be addressed include public policy, client advocacy, stigma reduction, and organizational capacity building. Education and advocacy are needed to bring awareness and change that includes issues of discrimination and prejudice against people in recovery and treatment settings. The continued development of RSS is dependent on changing laws and policies that continue to influence public opinion and the ability to expand services within the behavioral health system. Texas is a large and diverse state making continuity of peer services challenging, especially the ability to maintain the delivery of services using the latest best practices. This program assists the RSS community in staying up to date on evidence-based practices, as well as the emerging policy landscape.

Who is this ECHO for?

Recovery Support Services professionals and all others advancing RSS services in their respective organizations.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define Recovery Support Services (RSS) and its basic principles.
  2. Explain the benefits of RSS practices.
  3. Describe evidence-based RSS practices such as supported employment, education and housing, assertive community treatment/ illness management, and peer-operated services for RSS.
  4. Implement harm reduction approaches into daily clinical practice.
  5. Learn about the foundational core competencies for RSS and the process of recovery.

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Hub Members

Richard Hamner

Richard Hamner, LMSW, RSPS, LCDC-I

Be Well Texas, Research Program Manager

Subject Matter Expertise: Recovery support services, addiction counseling, social work

Shawn Wright

Shawn Wright, BS, RSPS, PS

Abilene Recovery Council, Recovery Services Program Director

Subject Matter Expertise: Recovery support services, peer recovery, substance use recovery services

Joseph Hogan

Joseph Hogan-Sanchez

Faces and Voices of Recovery, Director

Subject Matter Expertise: Recovery coaching, organizational training, LGBT advocacy